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The Low-code/No-code Revolution

No-code platforms turn the basics of writing code into a straightforward drag-and-drop process. This new approach to development allows builders to create modern apps and websites visually without kno…
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Protecting our people with Regtech

Protecting our people with Regtech At Boxfusion, we love digital innovation on the African continent. We champion it across the partners we work with, and within the communities that we support and up…
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Teamwork is transforming the economy

In early May, President Cyril Ramaphosa released the latest outcomes from Operation Vulindlela, the vehicle for economic reform set up inside the public sector in 2020. The changes are widespread acro…
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A tool for times of disaster

In early April, KwaZulu Natal was hit with some of the worst flooding seen in over 100 years. The result was loss of life, loss of access to amenities and the destruction of critical infrastructure. M…
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Humans are the lifeblood of every organisation.

But in the modern business environment where reporting structures are becoming flatter and employees are telecommuting and working remotely, keeping the lines of communication open and fostering a strong and positive corporate culture is more challenging than ever.

Engage your workforce

SmartConnect harnesses the ubiquity of smartphones to open the lines of communication between the business and its employees, using an intuitive and extensible mobile application.

Exploit the power of mobile

This means businesses are not only able to efficiently and cost effectively communicate business critical information to their workforce regardless of where they are, but also exploit a new powerful digital channel for keeping employee’s abreast of employer-provided benefits and rewarding those individuals that are going the extra mile.

SmartConnect is also a powerful force in the business when it comes to tackling the issue of employee development and training.

Whether it’s scheduling and notifying employees of an event or a face-to-face seminar or physically delivering vibrant content, such as e-learning in the form of videos and structured course curriculum to employees’ mobile phones, SmartConnect adds efficiency and convenience.

Start communicating

The communications channel enabled by SmartConnect isn’t unidirectional however.

SmartConnect unlocks an always-on, line of communication from employees to the business, allowing for individuals to feel like they’re truly part of the organisation by quickly and easily being able to raise issues or concerns, make suggestions for improvement and highlight the excellent performance of a colleague.

Ignite your HR efforts

While creating a reliable and convenient omni-directional communications platform is the key focus of SmartConnect, the platform can additionally be leveraged to digitise and streamline the vast majority of the business’s HR-focused processes.

From electronically submitting leave forms, to digitally delivering payslips, or allowing employees to quickly report HR or facilities issues (complete with geotagging and the ability to snap a photo with their smartphone) the possibilities are extensive. Extending SmartConnect’s capabilities really does depend on what each organisation sees as critical.

How does SmartConnect deliver value?

The solution has already been effectively used to as a reporting channel for anonymous tip-offs and as a replacement for archaic time and attendance solutions, leveraging automated and the ability to snap a picture with a smartphone camera.

And considering the open architecture at SmartConnects core, the solution can be easily extended to cater for new needs and integrated with other business systems, positioning it to quickly become a powerful hub for all employer/employee relations.

Isn’t it time you explored the power of a digitally engaged workforce?

Increasing employee engagement
  • Broadcast key company information across the entire workforce;
  • Keep employees appraised of important events/happenings within the organisation;
  • Recognise employees performing above expectation; and
  • Announce promotions/moves and special events (babies, birthdays etc.).
Opening the lines of communications with employees
  • Allow employees to respond to news, happenings and events in the business;
  • Allow employees to contribute stories from the field for distribution across the organisation;
  • Allow employees to suggest improvements to the working environment; and
  • Allow employees to recognise the hard work of their peers by nominating them for awards.
Improving employee development
  • Allows the business to electronically distribute a calendar of events, seminars and training opportunities;
  • Allows employees to post pictures and comments from events, seminars and training opportunities, driving a greater sense of community;
  • Allow the business to electronically track attendance to events, seminars and training opportunities; and
  • Allows the organisation to disseminate training and developmental materials to employees.
HR process digitisation
  • Provide employees access to key benefits information such as leave status, accrued pension balances and medical aid status;
  • Allow employees to electronically apply for and have leave approved;
  • Allow employees to electronically receive payslips and other key information; and
  • Allow employees to electronically lodge any benefits-related queries and receive feedback.
Facilities/HR reporting capabilities
  • Allow employees to report facilities issues electronically using geolocation and photographic evidence;
  • Allows employees to request an upgrade to facilities electronically using geolocation and photographic evidence;
  • Opens a discreet, confidential and potentially anonymous communications channel for employees to report HR issues and seek advice; and
  • Allows for anonymous tip-offs and reporting of general misconduct in a discreet, confidential and potentially anonymous fashion.
Extending the business’s capabilities
  • Integration with existing business systems for increased value delivery;
  • Staggered approach can be used to land quick wins and then move onto tackling more complex issues;
  • Potential for zero-rating of data to ensure no additional cost to employees; and
  • SmartConnect’s open API and Boxfusion’s custom development capability can be used to extend the solution to suit the business’s exact needs.

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