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April 21, 2022

Transforming government digitally, one province at a time

Local software development company, Boxfusion has partnered with Microsoft to assist in the digitisation of the Office of the Premier in KwaZulu Natal. This initiative forms the first part of a province-wide digitisation project spearheaded by the current premier, Sihle Zikalala.

Built on Microsoft’s Azure platform, several of Boxfusion’s digital modules will assist the province in automating critical daily functions of government. This will ultimately lead to greater province -wide efficiency and accountability.

“Automating processes is one of the ways in which government can increase proper governance and accountability, in terms of public funds,” says Boxfusion’s CTO, Julius Segole.  “Boxfusion’s digital solutions improve the efficiency in decision-making, ensures visibility and allows for easy tracking of documents.”

Automation helps government go further

The three Boxfusion modules being rolled out in the first phase of this project are eSubmissions, which deals with memos within government, eLeave, which drastically improves accountability within HR processes, and Contract Management, critical for financial accountability. All three modules are part of Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Administration suite.

“As part of the first phase of this project, the Premier wanted to test it within his Office before rolling it out across the rest of the province. So, we’re focusing on digitising the core business support functions within his office first,” says Segole.

A dream team

Boxfusion has had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, as one of a handful of local ISVs who work specifically on public sector solutions. So, when Boxfusion was approached by Microsoft to work on this project, it was a natural fit. As was the deployment of the Boxfusion modules on Azure infrastructure.

“Microsoft Azure makes it faster to deploy the solutions and offers quick and easy scalability. For departments, they don’t have to worry about the additional requirements for infrastructure, maintaining their own datacentre or the admin that goes with that, such as fire-prevention requirements, access controls, disaster recovery and business continuity,” says Segole.

Just the beginning

Boxfusion has been working alongside the public sector for over 13 years to develop and perfect digital solutions specifically designed for the South African market.

This is the second province-wide rollout being managed by Boxfusion’s team of experts. In the challenging environment of 2020, the team managed to roll out several essential modules across the province of Mpumalanga.

Once the project in KwaZulu Natal has been completed, there will be upward of 20 000 daily users across various government departments.

“These kinds of public-private partnerships are critical in the digital transformation of government,” says Segole. “Often, government doesn’t have the resources or skills to implement these kinds of projects, which is why approaching a private company like Boxfusion becomes critical.”

Boxfusion solutions ultimately impact the citizen by enabling government to become more efficient and more accountable across their daily processes.