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November 2, 2021

Why Boxfusion chooses Azure

In mid-October, Microsoft was the focus of a massive cyberattack that targeted an Azure customer located in Europe.

The attack, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, was the biggest recorded, coming in at a whopping 2.4 terabits per second.

DDoS attacks use a distributed network of computers to send traffic at a specific target, and this one used more than 70,000 sources spread across several countries, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region. These included Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and China, with some sources located in the USA.

Senior Program Manager at Azure Networking Amir Dahan wrote in a blog post that “The pace of digital transformation has accelerated significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the adoption of cloud services. Bad actors, now more than ever, continuously look for ways to take applications offline.”

Fortunately, Microsoft offers all Azure customers significant protections against such attacks. Azure DDoS Protection Standard has been specifically built to mitigate DDoS attacks, and all that customers need to do is enable it. Best of all, applications don’t need to be modified to make use of it, Dahan adds.

Azure DDoS Protection Standard also offers cost protection to all customers enrolled in the program. This gives them data-transfer and application scale-out service credit for costs incurred due to documented DDoS attacks. Microsoft also supplies those customers with tools to track and document DDoS attacks, including rich telemetry and log functions.

Why is this important?

You may be wondering what this has to do with Boxfusion and its products. Well, Boxfusion makes extensive use of Azure resources to host and proliferate its solutions; since these are used by both government and big private organisations, it is important that they are as resistant to cyberattack as possible, and therefore available 24/7/365 to enable customers to do what they need to do.

Boxfusion has specifically chosen Microsoft because it offers everything a modern cloud platform should. For starters, Azure is incredibly secure, as illustrated by its resistance to the biggest attempted DDoS attack ever recorded.

Furthermore, Microsoft has built local Azure datacentres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, so Azure is compliant with local legislation like POPIA. Azure resources are also guaranteed to be available for the vast majority of the year, and scalability is essentially infinite.

A strong foundation

The point is, with Azure at the foundation of every cloud-based solution we develop, our customers can count on the solutions they procure from us to be as safe, secure, and resistant to cyberattack as possible.

Azure is among the top 3 cloud brands in the world, and for good reason: Microsoft uses the very best technologies to ensure the stability, security, and availability of Azure resources. If a 2.4 terabit per second attack can’t bring Azure to its knees, you know that your data is safe, and applications hosted there can be counted on to run as they should.

Boxfusion and Microsoft, a perfect team

At Boxfusion, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and the usefulness of our solutions. That’s why we choose to partner with Microsoft to supply the cloud infrastructure that our solutions run on: they are simply the best.