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October 20, 2020

Boxfusion’s Microsoft Partner Award win highlights the coming of age of ISVs in Africa

In October, Boxfusion was recognised by Microsoft South Africa as the “Emerging ISV Partner of the Year 2020”. The award was presented at a virtual event held by Microsoft that was attended by many of the industry’s biggest players.

This is a huge achievement for a small organisation like Boxfusion. Not only have we had our development contributions acknowledged by a big global company like Microsoft, but this is a major public affirmation that we’ve brought the very idea of an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) into the mainstream here in South Africa.

No matter how you look at it, that’s absolutely titanic. It means that the local ISV space has reached a new level of maturity, and that South Africa has proved that we are skilled enough to do what others in the developed world do just as well, if not better.

A major win

This is a major win for the country, a proud accomplishment for Boxfusion, and a phenomenal showcase of the power of the cloud.

It’s also a great reflection of how the internet is demolishing barriers to entry by granting easy access to the cloud, and how small organisations can leverage everything the cloud offers to come up with innovative, intelligent solutions.

But more importantly, it’s also confirmation that South Africa can indeed keep pace with the changes being brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And that’s something we’re really pleased to be a part of.

Tangible Demonstration

The Microsoft Partner Award win is also a great example of how local Azure datacentres are empowering South African organisations like Boxfusion to do more.

All anyone needs is a little know-how, some drive and ambition, and a great idea, and they too can tap into Microsoft’s vast array of cloud-based services to deliver new products and services to their client base affordably over the internet.

But best of all, they can do it with responsiveness that datacentres located elsewhere couldn’t provide.

Our Strength

Boxfusion’s strength comes from our innovation-focused mindset, our knowledge of Microsoft’s platforms and services, and our home-grown developers.

This, coupled with a deep desire to help the South African government digitise and automate the processes that drive the service delivery capabilities of its many departments, as well as a commitment to finding and growing local tech talent, has led us to this point.


Microsoft’s recognition of our contributions is incredibly gratifying, but so too is the fact that the power of Azure is just so easy to tap in to.

The range of services Azure lets us access means that even the sky isn’t the limit – there are literally endless possibilities for new and innovative solutions to be built on the foundation that Azure provides.

Azure combined with desire and imagination is a potent mix.

We are so grateful for the acknowledgement of our contributions in the ISV space so far, and we look forward to delivering even more innovative Azure-based solutions and services in the coming years.