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The Low-code/No-code Revolution

No-code platforms turn the basics of writing code into a straightforward drag-and-drop process. This new approach to development allows builders to create modern apps and websites visually without kno…
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Protecting our people with Regtech

Protecting our people with Regtech At Boxfusion, we love digital innovation on the African continent. We champion it across the partners we work with, and within the communities that we support and up…
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Teamwork is transforming the economy

In early May, President Cyril Ramaphosa released the latest outcomes from Operation Vulindlela, the vehicle for economic reform set up inside the public sector in 2020. The changes are widespread acro…
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A tool for times of disaster

In early April, KwaZulu Natal was hit with some of the worst flooding seen in over 100 years. The result was loss of life, loss of access to amenities and the destruction of critical infrastructure. M…
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Customised Solutions

While Boxfusion’s SmartGov Suite delivers quick value with its comprehensive platform, some non-standard and niche-focused processes do require a more detailed approach.  This is where Boxfusion’s ability to leverage its public sector IP and 100% local development team is of critical importance and can be leveraged to e-enable an even wider variety of government processes. 

Leveraging the 'Shesha' platform

Digitising and automating an organisation’s traditionally paper-based processes is a powerful way for government to improve service delivery to its citizens. Streamlined processes not only save time, but save money and allow for the focus to remain on the public.

Boxfusion’s ‘Shesha’ platform is the same foundation that underpins Boxfusion’s ‘boxed’ solutions in the SmartGov suite. And by using this platform as a starting point for solving process challenges that don’t fit into one of the ‘usual’ boxes, endeavours don’t have to start from scratch.

‘Shesha’ leverages the many years’ worth of Intellectual Property Boxfusion has garnered in the automation and streamlining of government process.

And it allows for virtually unrivalled time to value, cost efficiency and extendability, so that both today’s and tomorrow’s needs can be catered for.

Catering for the mass market with a 'mobile first' approach

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets over the past five years and along with it, knowledge workers’ ability to interact with rich mobile apps wherever they are, has had a massive impact on organisations’ productivity levels. 

Boxfusion has a rich legacy of delivering robust mobile applications in a variety of verticals.

To this end, it strives to take advantage of the top technologies, standards and industry best practices across all major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and form factors (tablet, phablet and smartphone).

By taking advantage of mobile, organisations not only add efficiency to their processes, but also gain greater buy-in as end-users can choose what platform they’re most comfortable interacting with.

All of this culminates in greater value from a single solution, with a minimal increase in cost. 

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From big wins in the public sector with our Smartgov suite of process automation modules to custom developed solutions for clients in both the public and private sector, hear more from our clients on why they chose Boxfusion and why they were happy with the service they received.

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There’s a lot more to our story. Take a closer look at our ‘boxed solutions’.

SmartGov for Administration

Boxfusion’s end-to-end platform for public sector administration and a veritable silver bullet for eliminating cumbersome paper-based processes, driving accountability, trackability and encouraging efficiency across all spheres of the public sector.

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SmartGov for Citizens

Opening the lines of communication (and information) between citizens and their local government, as well as streamlined problem resolution and case management for the local government and its service providers.

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SmartGov for eGov

Purpose-built, process automation for the variety of citizen-facing functions, right from applications to maintenance and everything in between, and across the spheres of Liquor, Fisheries, Health, Gambling and more.

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