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The Low-code/No-code Revolution

No-code platforms turn the basics of writing code into a straightforward drag-and-drop process. This new approach to development allows builders to create modern apps and websites visually without kno…
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Protecting our people with Regtech

Protecting our people with Regtech At Boxfusion, we love digital innovation on the African continent. We champion it across the partners we work with, and within the communities that we support and up…
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Teamwork is transforming the economy

In early May, President Cyril Ramaphosa released the latest outcomes from Operation Vulindlela, the vehicle for economic reform set up inside the public sector in 2020. The changes are widespread acro…
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A tool for times of disaster

In early April, KwaZulu Natal was hit with some of the worst flooding seen in over 100 years. The result was loss of life, loss of access to amenities and the destruction of critical infrastructure. M…
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SmartGov for eGov

Purpose-built, process automation for the variety of citizen-facing functions, right from applications to maintenance and everything in between, and across the spheres of Liquor, Fisheries, Health, Gambling and more.

Designed for efficiency

Outdated processes and inefficient paper-based systems are key obstacles preventing public sector departments from achieving excellence in their service delivery efforts to citizens.

And although SmartGov for Administration solves this problem from an internal process perspective, dealing with areas where public sector service delivery touches the citizen requires, separate and dedicated focus. SmartGov for eGov, as its name suggests is Boxfusion’s solution to processes that touch the citizen. 

Its core goals are the removal of inefficiencies and bottlenecks, digitising and streamlining paper-based processes, bringing convenience to the citizen and in turn, driving higher levels of accuracy when it comes to the information interchange between government and its citizen.

Fuelling self-service

A common gripe for many of South Africa’s citizens is the wealth of time wasted on filling out paperwork when applying for a new service or maintaining the details of their relationship with government as it relates to one or another service. 

Apart from the hassle factor associated with filling out forms and attaching copies of official documents (such as ID documents), there’s often costly travel involved in getting to a government point of presence, not to mention time away from work. 

By digitising these processes and exposing them to citizens in an online fashion, SmartGov for eGov moves public sector one step closer to eGovernment.

Driving greater accuracy

eGovernment is about more than the citizen-centric convenience and time savings brought about by digitising paper-based processes and online form-filling. 

When systems rely on paper-based forms and documentation, government entities need to allocate resources to the process of capturing that same information on internal systems for processing. Not only is this costly and time consuming, it leaves the door wide open for the transposition of errors and inaccuracies. 

By digitising these processes, resourcing becomes more efficient, errors are reduced and in-turn service delivery improves.  

eGovernment in the field

When a citizen applies for a new service or changes the details of a service, a face to face or on-site interaction is often required to verify details. 

By utilising SmartGov for eGov, public sector fieldworkers can begin utilising mobile devices and applications for completing these tasks, schedule on-site and face to face visits electronically and begin leveraging always-on, real-time connectivity.

Add to this, rich media capture capabilities such as geotagging and the ability to add video and photography to those interaction and massive progress is made battling wasted time, inaccuracies and overspending. 

What can SmartGov for eGov do for you?

SmartGov for eGov is applicable to any area government departments and their processes touch the citizen. There are already great examples of it in place when it comes to applying, issuing and maintaining grants, as well as the entire licensing process across the liquor, mining, health and general business space.

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SmartGov is the jewel in our crown, but there’s a lot more to our story. 

Customer Testimonials

The SmartGov Suite is the most mature and time-tested automation solution in the country. But don’t take our word for it. Hear more from our clients on how the suite has helped them streamline their operations, drive accountability and unlock value.

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SmartGov for Citizens

Opening the lines of communication (and information) between citizens and their local government, as well as streamlined problem resolution and case management for the local government and its service providers.

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SmartGov for Administration

Out-the-box process automation and streamlining of business processes for all spheres of government and across virtually endless verticals, from leave processing to invoice tracking, payments, submissions and much more.

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