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Why Boxfusion chooses Azure

In mid-October, Microsoft was the focus of a massive cyberattack that targeted an Azure customer located in Europe. The attack, a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, was the biggest recorded,…
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Why it’s more than just an award

In early October, Boxfusion was honoured by Microsoft with the Industry Solution Partner of the Year Award. This prestigious event happens annually, with industry heavyweights such as Tarsus on Demand…
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SMEs: small businesses, big impact

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our country. Not only do they account for R2.3 trillion of business sector turnover in South Africa, but they have a ripple effect when it comes to employing and …
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The future of healthcare is digital

Sometimes, it takes an unexpected and unstoppable event to change the world. That’s because too often, humans get too stuck in their ways to want to change. Sometimes, just sometimes, we need a push…
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Teaching kids to code

We live in a digital-first world, where our children need a basic understanding of how to navigate coding and robotics, regardless of what career they end up going into. That’s why the Department Ed…
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SmartGov for Citizens

Designed to automate, enrich and streamline interactions between citizens, government contact centres and field workers, not to mention providing senior officials with the knowledge to contain issues before they escalate, SmartGov for Citizens is a powerful tool in the public sector’s quest to improve and manage service delivery.

Addressing Service Delivery head-on

Minimising interruptions in service delivery and speedily resolving issues as and when they (inevitably) arise is something that strongly differentiates a well-run public service (regardless of whether that’s at a local, provincial or national level) from the norm. 

And SmartGov for Citizens is one of the most effective for public sector departments to achieve on the end goal of gaining (and maintaining) public support and improving the quality of life for citizens.

Processes are not only streamlined and made more efficient across all of these touch points, but rich information is provided to stakeholders at all time, minimising miscommunication, improving satisfaction levels and allowing for efforts to be focused on what’s important. SmartGov for Citizens additionally closes the loop on service delivery management and resolution, empowers public servants to render superior service to constituents and allows the public sector to begin taking a proactive view to service delivery management.

What can SmartGov for Citizens do for you?

SmartGov for Citizens addresses every key part of the value chain, from the citizen, right through to the local government contact centre, field agent and senior government official. See how it brings unrivalled value to local government’s ability to resolve service delivery issues quickly and cost effectively.

SmartCitizen App

Speedy service delivery resolution starts with an accurately logged query from a concerned citizen. The SmartGov for Citizens story starts with the aptly named SmartCitizen app, a rich smartphone application that quickly and painlessly allows citizens to log a service delivery query and enrich that query with critical information such as a geotag and photograph. It not only ensures that queries are logged accurately, but that comprehensive information is passed to the contact centre, so work can be assigned efficiently and that the correct resources are deployed the first time.

And when it comes to providing feedback the SmartCitizen app is the place citizens will go to receive step-by-step progress updates on the status of their query, as well as key information on the most effective ways to interact with the available public sector touch points.

Key benefits include:


Efficiently prioritising service delivery queries and assigning the right fieldworkers to the tasks they are best suited to relies on accurate, comprehensive and timeous communications.

To this end, SmartService allows for the public sector contact centres to accept service requests via SMS, USSD, e-mail, phone and of course the SmartCitizen app

And through integration with a multitude of existing case management systems, any additional channels the department requires.

Empowered with accurate and comprehensive information on the issue at hand, contact centre representatives can then assign work orders to the best suited field workers’ (based on location, resource, current workload and ability) mobile device and track the progress of the issue resolution process, so timeous feedback can be to provided to citizens.

Key benefits include:

SmartFieldwork App

Because of the nature of their work environment, field workers face a clear challenge when it comes to receiving their work orders, acknowledging their receipt, navigating to jobs and providing proof of completion once the issue has been resolved.

The SmartFieldwork app provides field workers with a convenient, centralised repository for all work orders on their mobile phone.

It also provides detailed information such as geographical information (allowing for easy navigation) and photographic detail, direct from the citizen, so problems can be dealt with efficiently.

It also facilitates the tracking of the field worker (so detailed feedback on progress can automatically be provided to the contact centre and citizen) and the ability for comprehensive information (including geo-tagged photographic evidence) to be provided on the field worker’s close-out report.

Key benefits include:


Smoothing the service delivery logging and resolution process from the citizen, through to the contact centre and field worker, while extremely valuable, only solves part of the problem.

In order to gain true control of their service delivery ecosystem, senior managers need to become proactive.

SmartInsight is the proverbial dashboard senior managers within public sector can use to monitor the day-to-day details of their service delivery resolution efforts, but also take a few steps back and begin analysing data at a macro level, so that underlying trends can be revealed and bigger issues can be identified before they escalate into a crisis.

At a basic level, SmartInsight provides senior government officials with the knowledge required to deploy resources of one or another kind in order to cater for rising demand. At a higher level, it provides them with the ability to identify ailing infrastructure early and head failures off at the pass, before critical failures occur.

Key benefits include:

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Boxfusion’s end-to-end platform for public sector administration and a veritable silver bullet for eliminating cumbersome paper-based processes, driving accountability, trackability and encouraging efficiency across all spheres of the public sector.

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SmartGov for eGov

Purpose-built, process automation for the variety of citizen-facing functions, right from applications to maintenance and everything in between, and across the spheres of Liquor, Fisheries, Health, Gambling and more.

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