SmartGov for Citizens

Designed to automate, enrich and streamline interactions between citizens, government contact centres and field workers, not to mention providing senior officials with the knowledge to contain issues before they escalate, SmartGov for Citizens is a powerful tool in the public sector’s quest to improve and manage service delivery.

Addressing Service Delivery head-on

Minimising interruptions in service delivery and speedily resolving issues as and when they (inevitably) arise is something that strongly differentiates a well-run public service (regardless of whether that’s at a local, provincial or national level) from the norm.

And SmartGov for Citizens is one of the most effective for public sector departments to achieve on the end goal of gaining (and maintaining) public support and improving the quality of life for citizens.

It’s comprehensive and deeply integrated suite of applications, services and streamlined systems that delivers rich information and functionality at all points of the value chain, from the citizen, right through to the public service contact centre, field workers and senior managers.

Processes are not only streamlined and made more efficient across all of these touch points, but rich information is provided to stakeholders at all time, minimising miscommunication, improving satisfaction levels and allowing for efforts to be focused on what’s important.

 SmartGov for Citizens additionally closes the loop on service delivery management and resolution, empowers public servants to render superior service to constituents and allows the public sector to begin taking a proactive view to service delivery management.

Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Citizens solves this issue with a suite of fully integration solutions that address every major touch point in this ecosystem, from the citizen, through to the public sector contact centre, field workers dispatched to resolve issues and senior government personnel responsible for defining strategy.

SmartGov for Citizens closes the proverbial loop and empowers each stakeholder in the equation, driving greater efficiency, cost savings and overall satisfaction for all parties involved.

Power to the people

Without a clear understanding of what issues Citizens are facing, government is not empowered with the key information required to make a difference.That’s the reason, SmartGov for Citizens’ value proposition starts with the SmartCitizen mobile app for iOS and Android and its ability to expose key information and problem reporting capabilities to the proverbial man in the street. 

From an informational perspective, SmartCitizen can be configured to house contact details for key individuals for local government, a list of government facilities’ locations (as well as mapping data), announcements and notifications (such as planned service outages or the returning of a key utility to normal service) and even serve as a repository to each municipality’s Integrated Development Plan.

From a reporting and tracking perspective, citizens are able to log a wide variety service delivery issues – everything from a physical service outage to  billing query – and more importantly track problem resolution progress and provide feedback on satisfaction. And to make these requests more actionable, the app caters for the ability to embed location information and additional information, such as a photograph, as needed.  

Being able to receive service delivery requests from citizens at the coal face – and more importantly provide feedback throughout the resolution process is a critical piece of functionality for government – and one that has massive impact on citizen satisfaction.

What the Contact Centre needs

SmartGov for Citizens’ second component, the aptly-named SmartService is designed to augment local government’s existing contact centre platform by providing access to service delivery requests emanating from SmartCitizen service requests and allowing contact centre agents to automate the booking of a field service agent to resolve the issue and track the resolution process from assignment to final resolution.

In cases where an existing case management solution isn’t already implemented, SmartService can be configured in a stand-alone fashion and be extended to cater for inbound requests received via e-mail, SMS, UUSD or a phone call.

Feedback is of critical importance in this process as it not only notifies the citizen that their case is being attended to (in turn adding to a positive service experience), but provides them with notification once the issue has been resolved.

Managing resources in the field

While, the ability to efficiently receive service requests and provide feedback to citizens is powerful in itself, the value of SmartGov for Citizens is kicked up to a whole new level with the suite’s ability to manage a local government department’s field workforce with the SmartFieldwork, mobile app.

The application is authored in a similar vein to SmartCitizen, in that – over and above the the field service agent’s ability to receive a notification from the contact centre, accept the case and resolve the issue it pertains to – feedback is provided every step of the way and information can be enriched with geotagging and additional content such as a photograph.

This ability not only streamlines the management of problem resolution for the local government department, but empowers it to provide critical updates to citizens of an issue being attended to. 

Fine tuning for further efficiency

Rounding SmartGov for Citizens‘ functionality out, SmartInsight allows senior government officials in management roles to pull detailed reports on the problem resolution, which can in turn identify deeper issues such as the need for an infrastructural overhaul, bottlenecks that exist from a human resource perspective in the everyday rendering of services, or environmental factors impacting efficiency.

Because of its big data bent, SmartInsight also has the ability to be extended to take other data sets into account and begin providing actionable, strategic insights to local government and potentially begin providing long term value to citizens and the local government departments that serve them.

What can SmartGov for Citizens do for you?

SmartGov for Citizens addresses every key pat of the value chain, from the citizen, right through to the local government contact centre, field agent and senior government official. See how it brings unrivalled value to local government’s ability to resolve service delivery issues quickly and cost effectively.

SmartCitizen App

SmartCitizen App

SmartService Module

SmartService Module

SmartFieldwork App

SmartFieldwork App

SmartInsight Tools

SmartInsight Tools

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