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Boxfusion is 100% South African owned, 100% South African operated and staffed by a 100% South African workforce. 

And the difference shows on our clients’ faces.

A rising star

In a relatively short space of time, the Boxfusion brand has become synonymous with technology solutions that help the South African public sector streamline and automate its complex administrative processes.

But it’s not just smart technology and smarter people that have seen it get this far.

From the outset, Boxfusion’s owners understood that a more efficient, accurate and accountable public sector means improvements in service delivery and better quality of life for all. 

And in a country where there’s massive pressure on the public sector to deliver improved value to its citizens, that is something that truly matters.

Solutions that make a difference

For the longest time, there’s been an undeniable need in government for a locally produced software suite, with local skills and local support that can allow the public sector to automate, streamline and drive accountability throughout its processes.

Boxfusion set out to solve this with the SmartGov suite, but as it became more entrenched in the South African public sector space, it saw massive opportunity to assist government with addressing processes that touch the citizen, and so SmartGov for eGov was born.

Most recently, Boxfusion has added the SmartGov for Citizens solution to the SmartGov family, with the intention of streamlining citizen service delivery.

It focuses on the process of a citizen reporting a service delivery issue, it being trafficked through a department and ultimately resolved, keeping all parties appraised of the process throughout.

The response has been nothing short of fantastic and with a fully integrated suite of products, Boxfusion has become one of the most prominent names within public sector when it comes to the art of automating and streamlining processes for more efficiency, accountability and cost savings. 

Local investment matters

While Boxfusion has numerous differentiators that set it apart from its competitors in terms of the underlying products and technologies it uses, the owners cite its unwavering focus on local skills and resources as its primary benefit to customers.

Being a 100% South African company that invests in local skills is something the company is extremely passionate about.

And while other local software companies often complain about the local technology skills landscape being in a rut, Boxfusion believes it has been very successful in attracting top notch staff members with the right mindset.

Its strategy has been to target local universities a little further afield than the big three, where it’s found excellent candidates in the software development and business analyst fields who want to work with Boxfusion because it’s building something meaningful that ultimately positively improves every South African’s quality of life.

For Boxfusion, mindset is one of the most important things. 

The developers and analysts the company has on board resonate strongly with our mission statement and feel fulfilled because they can see how they’re contributing to the evolving company culture and identity.

One of Boxfusion’s guiding principles from a corporate culture perspective has always been to create a microcosm of what South Africa looks like from a diversity perspective. 

And Ironically, as a company with a black staff complement upwards of 80%, it might be under-representative of some of the country’s smaller ethic groups.

Big wins

Today Boxfusion can lay claim to over 12 implementations across the spheres of local, provincial and national government. Its platform has been used to deliver point solutions, a number of Boxfusion’s off-the-shelf modules, and has even evolved into delivering on extremely niche functionality that other competing solutions from international vendors cannot begin to cater for.

To say Boxfusion’s future is bright is an understatement. As far are the founders and team are concerned, there is still loads of opportunity out there.

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