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Shooting for the stars, on Linux

Once a year, Boxfusion hosts the annual Graduate Competition, where we invite coders from around the country to submit a homemade solution to a social problem within South Africa. Very often, these yo…
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January 18, 2021

Automation means greater accuracy, especially to citizens

Increasingly, citizens expect a higher level of accountability and transparency from public institutions, as they should. Also increasingly, society associates automation with accuracy, thus granting a greater level of trust and authority to institutions and processes that are managed through algorithms and automation. When government processes meet automation, accountability, accuracy and transparency are likely to increase as well.

Improving the profile of the public sector

This makes a convincing case for the public sector to digitise critical financial processes. A number of back-office public sector processes have financial ramifications for a government department, from correct leave tracking to payroll, contract management and of course, invoices.

When all of these government functions operate (somewhat archaically) using paper, there are myriad opportunities for error, which in turn has implications for accounting practices in departments, answerable annually to the Auditor General.

Coming full circle

Instead, full-circle automation simplifies both accuracy and efficiency within departments, minimising the risk of error, and removing any need for recapturing of data, especially when used in conjunction with programmes that complement the process. It also makes it much simpler to detect irregularities and non-compliance.

While digital accounting is increasingly run through software like XBRL, which requires somewhat specialist knowledge, using an off-the-shelf, locally produced solution like Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Admin suite simplifies and automates all of these critical government functions.

Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Admin suite is designed to meet the specific needs of the South African public sector. So while modules can be used individually to solve a particular challenge, they are also designed to integrate with one another, and in particular, with existing accounting software (PERSAL and BAS) within government.

Financial transformation starts with digitisation. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can improve your departmental processes today.