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September 4, 2020

How SmartGov For Citizens helps government with its “Back to Basics” approach

Computing technology infuses nearly everything humans do on planet Earth in 2020, and it’s being harnessed to drive innovation and growth like never before. It’s connecting companies to people, employers to employees, and citizens to governments in new and exciting ways. In short, technology is paving the way to a bright future for all.

And while governments tend to lag somewhat behind the rest of society when it comes to adopting technology, they are still making good progress towards using it to make the lives of their citizenry better.

For example, in the past decade, the South African government has partnered with various ISVs to enhance the services it provides to its citizens. These enhancements are primarily provided by smartphone apps that are powered by the cloud, facilitating closer communication between local municipalities and their constituents, automating and digitising processes, and much more.

Back to Basics

Such solutions have helped the South African government to adopt a “Back to Basics” approach to service delivery. Since 2014, government has put considerable effort into helping local municipalities get base-level actions right in an effort to deliver services more effectively to more South Africans. Areas government pledged to focus on included clean drinking water, sanitation, electricity, shelter, waste removal, and roads – areas seen as basic human rights.

And while smartphones and apps can’t directly address each of those issues, they have certainly helped government refine their internal processes and provide the transparency and speedy responses needed to please bureaucrats and citizens alike.

SmartGov for Citizens

Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Citizens solution has played a major part in helping government with its Back to Basics goals.

SmartGov for Citizens has been the key to automating and enriching communications between everyone involved in service delivery. It connects citizens to government contact centres, and those contact centres to senior officials and field workers.

Using the SmartCitizen app, a key component of the SmartGov for Citizens solution, citizens can request services and log concerns with their local government representatives. They can upload photos and supply geolocation data to accompany their requests to ensure the issue is accurately communicated, and they are kept abreast of all progress along the way to resolution.

The constant supply of accurate information via the SmartCitizen app reduces the probability of citizens being misinformed, boosts their satisfaction levels, and truly empowers public servants to deliver exceptional services, quickly and efficiently.

Citizens don’t need smartphones to make use of SmartCitizen, either: the SmartService component ensures that public sector contact centres can accept service requests via SMS, USSD, email, and phone calls too.

This extends the reach of this excellent technology solution to the vast majority of citizens, giving the power to all South Africans to communicate effectively with government and get feedback.

SmartGov for Administration

Any big organisation can attest to the fact that paper-based processes drastically slow down the speed at which things get done. Governments are no different.

The solution is to put digital process management tools in place that cut down on physical paperwork. Boxfusion’s SmartGov for Administration does exactly this: it automates paper-based processes and systems and ensures that everyone involved in various government functions has 24/7 access to the information they need, at the click of a few buttons.

By digitising processes, important papers can’t be lost or misplaced, information reaches the relevant parties far quicker, and decisions are made and implemented far faster than they were when using paper.

SmartGov for Administration works across many departments, from general admin to human resources, strategy, supply chain management, finance, and more.

When it comes to getting back to basics, there is no more basic function than ensuring organisational processes are working and efficient, and here, SmartGov for Administration excels.

Just the beginning

While the results government has already achieved by leveraging these solutions are impressive given the challenges the country faces, there is still a long way to go. That means this is just the beginning. Fortunately, technology can and will play a big part in getting government where it wants to go.